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A Little Peek, if you will

Busy, busy, BUSY summer!  I apologize for my lack of blogging, but I’ve had so much going on that I just haven’t had the time!  I have so many sessions that I want to show off, but for today, I have a tiny taste of Brittany and John’s gorgeous engagement session.  Due to being rained out (TWICE), we had to do their session very soon before their wedding.  The wedding is Saturday, and I want Brittany to see a few of her lovely photos before the big day!

Brittany and John are so much fun together.  I met Brittany while photographing her brother, Tony’s wedding to his lovely bride Casey.  I instantly loved their whole family.  Brittany comes across as a girly-girl, sophisticated and a bit delicate.  So she AMAZED me with her willingness to schlep through fields of high-grass, encounter strange critters, and get dirty if need be.  She was so easy going about it, I absolutely love her.  John has a warm, funny personality.  Like he could become anyone’s best friend within minutes of meeting them.  It’s also very sweet to see a guy with biceps the size of my head be so tender and sweet to his lady.  They were so much fun to spend the afternoon with.

In order to truly appreciate the below shot, you need to see the outtakes.  Thankfully, I love Brittany and will save those for her own private viewing.  😉

Brittany and John, thank you so much for spending an evening wading through waist-high grass with me and ignoring that creepy sounding whatever-it-was (bullfrog, maybe?) while I milled about trying to get “the shot.”  You were such great sports.  I can’t wait (CAN.  NOT.  WAIT.)  for your wedding this weekend!  It’s going to be so much fun, and I feel so blessed to be a part of it.


Lisa Robey

Absolutely LOVE, LOVE them Jewels! Can’t wait for Saturday!

Jennie Plus Andrew: A Waterford Engagement Session

Their first date lasted hours and hours and hours, because neither one of them wanted to go home.

Jennie and Andrew are a really fun couple.  Jennie is warm, sweet, but smart as a whip.  Her personality could best be described as “sparkly.”  Andrew comes across as a serious, intellectual type, but he’s an absolute sweetheart and so funny.  He LOVES his baseball (he both plays and coaches it), and LOVES his Jennie.  When deciding where to do their session, Jennie played with several locations but kept mentioning how special her home town of Waterford, VA is to her.  How gorgeous and peaceful it is there.  I told her that “all I need is a little open space and some pretty light, and I’m happy,” and a lightbulb went off.  Her parents’ home, where she grew up, has all of that and more, plus it’s sentimental. Our plan took form and a few days later, I was driving down winding country roads at 5:45am to meet Jennie and Andrew for their sunrise engagement session.  I almost drove off the road several times while straining my neck to see the gorgeousness that surrounded me.  Sleepy farm-animals grazing on green, hilly pastures.  Dewy buds promising to blossom once kissed by the rising sun.  It was incredible.  I arrived at Jennie’s childhood home and was greeted with a sign on the gate that read “B’shert.”  Jennie explained that it’s a Yiddish term that means “Destiny” or “Fate.”


I was invited to share the lovely photos of Jennie and Andrew by Jennie’s aunt, Audrey Swarz. You have done such a lovely job of
representing their love and the love of Jennie’s hometown.

Knowing Jennie’s aunt Audrey has been a pleasure and Audrey has
spoken to me a number of times about Jennie and her love for Jennie. I am absolutely thrilled Jennie has found her “B’Shert” and wish them the utmost of happiness and fulfillment.

Thank you for depicting this happy time in their life. What a joyful career you have chosen for yourself.

Zandria Gwin

Krista Hunter

So beautiful!! Thank you for capturing Jennie and Andrew just perfectly! I am certain Andrew’s Mom is tickled pink to see him with Jennie, his soulmate! Looking forward to the wedding and the ever after too!!

Iris and Rod Kander

Your photographs and writings touched our hearts forever! It was B’shert that Jennie found you. We so look forward to you being part of our special occasion and we welcome you into our family.

Audrey Kander Swarz

Absolutely wonderful photos. Of course Jennie and Andrew are so beautiful inside and out. These photos and your words melts my heart. Thank you

Ann and Tim: An Anniversary Session and Celebration of 35 Years

These two.  <sigh>

35 years of marriage, 6 daughters, and several grandchildren later; Ann and Tim are two of the most loving, playful, silly, passionate, ridiculously in-love people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

 It’s as if someone forgot to tell them that the honeymoon ends after the first year or so.

They’ve experienced the peaks and valleys that most marriages do, but it’s the way that they chose to push through them that really inspires me.  To ask Ann about her husband, you’d think you were asking a teenager to explain what makes Justin Beiber so dreamy.  She looks at him with those GORGEOUS baby blue eyes and describes his courage.  His thoughtfulness.  His sensitivity and his inner helpless romantic.  His commitment to God and to their marriage.  Tim would have much rather been playing 18 holes of golf (or perhaps getting a root canal?) than having a photo session, but he was a great sport because he knew how important it was to his wife.  His bride of 35 years, that he looks longingly at and talks about like he has hit the jackpot.  And he has.  They both have.  Theirs is the kind of love story that makes great movies.  It’s the kind of marriage that encourages and inspires their daughters, and all of those around them, myself included. I met these two lovebirds while photographing the wedding of their gorgeous daughter, Casey.  I immediately knew that they were a special couple, just by the fact that they raised such an amazing daughter, and by the way that they looked at one another during that day.  This session was a bigger blessing to me than it ever will be to Ann and Tim, or their children.  Witnessing love like this made me want to run home from my session, throw my arms around Chris’ neck, and vow to be the kind of wife that encourages rather than nitpicks.  Because 24 years from now, I want our marriage to have the strength, passion, and general gooeyness that Ann and Tim share.


What an incredibly beautiful love story Julie. Thank you for sharing that with us all. I can only hope that after 35 years of marriage, Bob and I are still this much in love! This year will be our 22nd year and I can honestly say I love him more today than I do the day I married him. xoox!! ~ Dawn

sarah w.

Julie, these made me tear up. Beautiful.

I cherish the friendship of Ann and Tim, and the great time I spend with them with the Lord! Thank you for being my friend!

Kelly Mangione

Julie – AMAZING PHOTOS!! You really captured the love that my wonderful parents have for each other and your kind words about them made me smile and tear up all at the same time! You are an amazing photographer and I thank you for giving us girls such awesome photos to cherish forever :)
God Bless!


What a beautiful expression of love. Ann is a beautiful women inside and out.

What a beautiful couple & story! Love this session!

What an inspiring, lovely couple!! So fantastic!!

You are so, so beautiful.

So many of my clients struggle with insecurity.  Critical of the features that make them unique.  So many women have told me “I want to do a session with you, but I need to lose a few more pounds first.”  The incredible thing is that the way we see ourselves isn’t even remotely close to what others see in us.

I have a friend who is a really beautiful girl.  For years, I remember looking at the photos of her that she would post on Facebook and just shake my head.  They were almost always the classic “duckface” style (kissy lips, protruding cheekbones) and from an angle that made her look just completely different than any time I’ve ever seen her in person.  It really bothered me that she never wanted to post a “real” photo of herself.  Once, while we were having lunch together, she was laughing about something and looked extremely joyful and beautiful, so I snapped a photo of her.  It was a gorgeous photograph.  To me, it represented everything that I love about her.  But she took one look at it and said “eew!  My chin looks fat and my teeth are weird. Delete that immediately!”

Why couldn’t she see how beautiful she looked when she was simply being herself?



You have a wonderful way of making people feel comfortable and beautiful when you photograph them. When I look at our pictures, I don’t really see us, I see the emotions- so lovely.

I couldn’t love this more! Your words are so true, I wish everyone could read this! Love that Dove commercial :)


Two years ago, based on some ideas and thoughts of Karen Walrond, writer and photographer, I made a vow never to say negative things about photographs of myself. To at least find that one positive thing about me in the picture and focus on that. I’m not perfect at doing this all the time but it’s surprising how you view yourself differently when you aren’t constantly putting yourself down.


That was exceptionally beautiful and moving. Thank you Julie.