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Meghan and Roger: An Anniversary Session

They are curled up on the couch.  Under a blanket two dogs.  He snuggles her close.  Gently kisses her hair.  And quietly says:  “I love our family.”

And in that moment, right there in their living room, Jewels melted into a puddle of mush.  The thing is, that was the first day I had ever really spent time with Meghan and Roger, and even after only a couple of hours, I loved their family!

Meghan is a fellow photographer.  She and Roger occasionally attend a networking group  for professional photographers that I lead in DC, so I’ve had the pleasure of getting to chat with them on occasion, and always thought they seemed like a fun couple.  She contacted me a few months ago about doing an anniversary session for their upcoming 3 year wedding anniversary.  I LOVE that Meghan and Rog are committed to getting professional photographs of their family every year.  As we prepared for the session; between the phone calls, emails, and my reading their Couples Questionnaires that I sent them, I fell in love.  Meghan has one of the biggest hearts that I have ever met.  She is passionate about helping people with disabilities find their strengths, and she is the type who would give the shirt off of her back or the last dollar from her pocket if she knew someone who needed help.  I love the sappy way she talks about her husband of three years.  Rog is a down-to-earth, absolutely hilarious, yet sweet, sweet guy who looks at his wife as though he’s never seen anything so beautiful in his life.  He brings his wife roses for MONTH anniversaries, not just years.   <I know…your jaw is on the floor, right?>  Add to the mix two of the cutest (albeit slightly naughty) pups you’ve ever met, and you’ve got yourself one stinkin’ adorable family.

Meet Moonpie, and Hunter.  FOR.  THE.  LOVE.  Are they not the cutest?

Moonpie gets a bit jealous when Hunter gets all the attention.

Meghan and Rog, good gravy I adore you two.  Thank you for the pleasure (truly, a pleasure) of spending a few hours with your sweet little family.  Thank you for the laughs and the hugs and the transparency and the fact that I am sure we will remain friends long after our session.






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