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I’m Julie Massie, but my friends call me Jewels.

I am a professional photographer who specializes in photographing people in love.  If you care to know WHY I specialize in the niche that I do, you can read about it here.

I live in Richmond, Virginia with my sweet little family, but I travel to interesting destinations all over in order to document the lives and stories of my lovely muses. 



What I believe in:

  • I believe that the courtship should continue long after “I Do’s” are exchanged.
  • I believe that marriage is equal parts difficult and beautiful.  It’s up to us to focus on the beautiful.  
  • I believe in spending entire weekends in your jammies.  And sometimes weekdays…
  • I believe that there is immense power in forgiveness.
  • I believe that there is also immense power in Nutella.
  • I believe that pound-puppies make the best pets.
  • I believe in a God of love.
  • I believe in celebrating your inner-quirkiness
  • I believe in following your heart, and pursuing your dreams no matter how large or impractical they seem.

Care to know more?
Like why I’m shooting film when 90% of photographers use digital?  Click here.  Want even more than that?  Well I’m not sure if I’m flattered or creeped out, but I’ve laid out ALL of my quirks here.