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Jewels Plus Film. A Love Story.

I love film.  I would write sonnets about it if I could.  I feel like a teenager who is falling in love with the hunky captain of the football team, and wants to doodle J+F all over her Trapper Keeper binder.…


Beautiful film work!

love it! it really is amazing what a difference there is in the two mediums. very nice.

I love the side by side comparison with the VSCO presets. I, too, love the colors that film renders. Ahhh, maybe I’ll switch to film someday! Beautiful work as always!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this comparison post! The best one I have seen!! Your film work is creamy, dreamy, and to die for!

This may quite possibly be my favorite blog post I’ve ever read :) Love the comparison and love film!! Thank you for writing!


I agree – great way to educate clients. Film is awesome.


oh wow! Some1 whose as hopelessly/helplessly romantic as I am…luv the film too…its so much kinder to complexions…ur hubby must be really good w/ love notes…let’s fly away on our fairy wings & find the winged unicorns to take us over rainbows

Great post Julie! I heart film too and I’m so glad you took the time to write this love letter.

I love this post!! I totally agree, the film images are just intoxicatingly beautiful.


Your children will thank you.

Welcome to the digital age.  Bookstores are closing right and left, and I haven’t purchased a CD in years.  I have to drive 30 minutes to find a Blockbuster Video, just so I can wander the wall of “New Releases” and see all of the options that it would take me four hours to find in the expansive world of Netflix.  …


Meet the COA (“Chief Officer of Awesomeness”)

Lively, sweet, quirky, and fun.  Meet Steph!

Stephanie contacted me last fall to compliment me on my work, and pick my brain about starting her own photography business.  I’ll admit, I get a fair number of emails from newer photographers who are looking for mentoring or advice on starting their business.  …


[…] Meet the COA (“Chief Officer of Awesomeness”) […]


This beautiful girl is my future daughter-in-law. Your interview and pictures have captured her just right!

she’s so cute! and i love how her spunk & personality come through in all the photos. i can see how she’s a great asset to your brand, and i’ll bet you two have a great time working together. :)

why new years resolutions are lame…and btw, here are my new years resolutions…

We all know a few. The lame-o’s.  The ones who resolve to change their lives and habits every stinking year, and every year it is completely forgotten about by March.  I remember back when I was a gym-rat and used to work out 5 days per week for 2-3 hours at a time, I always HATED January.  …


You can do it Julie!!! I’m so glad you’re back to blogging :) It’s going to be a great year!!! Xoxo