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You are so, so beautiful.

So many of my clients struggle with insecurity.  Critical of the features that make them unique.  So many women have told me “I want to do a session with you, but I need to lose a few more pounds first.”  The incredible thing is that the way we see ourselves isn’t even remotely close to what others see in us.…



You have a wonderful way of making people feel comfortable and beautiful when you photograph them. When I look at our pictures, I don’t really see us, I see the emotions- so lovely.

I couldn’t love this more! Your words are so true, I wish everyone could read this! Love that Dove commercial :)


Two years ago, based on some ideas and thoughts of Karen Walrond, writer and photographer, I made a vow never to say negative things about photographs of myself. To at least find that one positive thing about me in the picture and focus on that. I’m not perfect at doing this all the time but it’s surprising how you view yourself differently when you aren’t constantly putting yourself down.


That was exceptionally beautiful and moving. Thank you Julie.

Starting Over

Big changes are in store this week.  BIG ones.

CHANGE NUMBER ONE:  The first one is obvious…my brand has received a bit of a face lift.  Do you love it?  It’s clean, it’s organic, it’s simple with a smattering of moxy.…


Stephanie Miller

Congratulations on EVERYTHING! I am so happy for you and Chris. Your new brand is gorgeous and so are you! I love your heart Julie :)

How did I miss this post!!! What amazing and beautiful changes!! So excited for this new season of life and business!!

So happy for you!!!

LOVE this so much!!!!

My dear Julie, my heart is bursting for you! You have such talent and such a giving and full heart…I am so excited for your new journey and am thankful to have met you and to be inspired by you x

awesome julie! looks amazing, can’t wait to see the site! keep on doing big things, girly!

I love the new design! It’s so, so beautiful. And GOOD FOR YOU for realizing where your heart truly lies, and for running after it with abandon.


Julie! This is SO SO SOOOOO gorgeous! I just love it :) I am so excited for you!!

I support you FULLY and I love the new look. It is SO you and I just love it. Your focus, vision, and heart is inspiring and I can’t WAIT to see what is in store for you. And to see more of your beautiful work. Seriously. WWEEEEEEEE! You’re the best. xoxooxxoo

I love your new blog, Julie! “Clean” and “organic” describe it perfectly and your font choices are lovely. Best wishes on all of these new endeavors. Looking forward to following you through them!

Your new branding looks amazing! LOVE it! You rock at Beloved, I think it is great that you are focusing there. And I can’t wait you new addition.

Meet the COA (“Chief Officer of Awesomeness”)

Lively, sweet, quirky, and fun.  Meet Steph!

Stephanie contacted me last fall to compliment me on my work, and pick my brain about starting her own photography business.  I’ll admit, I get a fair number of emails from newer photographers who are looking for mentoring or advice on starting their business.  …


[…] Meet the COA (“Chief Officer of Awesomeness”) […]


This beautiful girl is my future daughter-in-law. Your interview and pictures have captured her just right!

she’s so cute! and i love how her spunk & personality come through in all the photos. i can see how she’s a great asset to your brand, and i’ll bet you two have a great time working together. :)

why new years resolutions are lame…and btw, here are my new years resolutions…

We all know a few. The lame-o’s.  The ones who resolve to change their lives and habits every stinking year, and every year it is completely forgotten about by March.  I remember back when I was a gym-rat and used to work out 5 days per week for 2-3 hours at a time, I always HATED January.  …


You can do it Julie!!! I’m so glad you’re back to blogging :) It’s going to be a great year!!! Xoxo

Well, Hello There!

I’m a perfectionist.

When I say this, I’m not referring to it in the way that many do…those who take pride in their work or like to get things “just right” often call themselves perfectionists.

My perfectionism laughs at theirs.

It laughs a mean, Disney-Villain-style “Mwahahahahaha” and then proceeds to kick their perfectionism’s rear end.  …



Oooohh…I can SO relate to the “do it myself then realize it is still not right” scheme. Been there…still there :)

I don’t remember who said it…but they say “if you wait till it’s perfect, you’ve waited too long.” I was so excited to see your latest blog posts pop up in my mail…I LOVE reading your stories and LOVE your blog redesign. If we lived closer I’d say lets get a drink and toast to you and your perfect blog:) xo


Very nice, Julie… and that little guy of yours… perfection!

I’m SO proud of you Julie! Your blog looks stunning and I’m so excited for you to find a happy balance in your blogging! Sending love! Oh, and by the way, loved the personification of your perfectionism! Too funny! xo

Julie!!! Welcome back!!! I have missed your blog but completely understand… I am so excited it’s back!!! Woop! Woop! Looking forward to reading up :) P.S. The blog looks BEAUTIFUL… way to go sister! :)


It’s beautiful and I love it.