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Jennie Plus Andrew: A Waterford Engagement Session

Their first date lasted hours and hours and hours, because neither one of them wanted to go home.

Jennie and Andrew are a really fun couple.  Jennie is warm, sweet, but smart as a whip.  Her personality could best be described as “sparkly.”  Andrew comes across as a serious, intellectual type, but he’s an absolute sweetheart and so funny.  …


I was invited to share the lovely photos of Jennie and Andrew by Jennie’s aunt, Audrey Swarz. You have done such a lovely job of
representing their love and the love of Jennie’s hometown.

Knowing Jennie’s aunt Audrey has been a pleasure and Audrey has
spoken to me a number of times about Jennie and her love for Jennie. I am absolutely thrilled Jennie has found her “B’Shert” and wish them the utmost of happiness and fulfillment.

Thank you for depicting this happy time in their life. What a joyful career you have chosen for yourself.

Zandria Gwin

Krista Hunter

So beautiful!! Thank you for capturing Jennie and Andrew just perfectly! I am certain Andrew’s Mom is tickled pink to see him with Jennie, his soulmate! Looking forward to the wedding and the ever after too!!

Iris and Rod Kander

Your photographs and writings touched our hearts forever! It was B’shert that Jennie found you. We so look forward to you being part of our special occasion and we welcome you into our family.

Audrey Kander Swarz

Absolutely wonderful photos. Of course Jennie and Andrew are so beautiful inside and out. These photos and your words melts my heart. Thank you

Ann and Tim: An Anniversary Session and Celebration of 35 Years

These two.  <sigh>

35 years of marriage, 6 daughters, and several grandchildren later; Ann and Tim are two of the most loving, playful, silly, passionate, ridiculously in-love people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

 It’s as if someone forgot to tell them that the honeymoon ends after the first year or so.


What an incredibly beautiful love story Julie. Thank you for sharing that with us all. I can only hope that after 35 years of marriage, Bob and I are still this much in love! This year will be our 22nd year and I can honestly say I love him more today than I do the day I married him. xoox!! ~ Dawn

sarah w.

Julie, these made me tear up. Beautiful.

I cherish the friendship of Ann and Tim, and the great time I spend with them with the Lord! Thank you for being my friend!

Kelly Mangione

Julie – AMAZING PHOTOS!! You really captured the love that my wonderful parents have for each other and your kind words about them made me smile and tear up all at the same time! You are an amazing photographer and I thank you for giving us girls such awesome photos to cherish forever :)
God Bless!


What a beautiful expression of love. Ann is a beautiful women inside and out.

What a beautiful couple & story! Love this session!

What an inspiring, lovely couple!! So fantastic!!

Debbie+Dave: A Love Story

Their first date was to a Yale Basketball game.  In the snow.  She fell in love with him because he was protective, funny, caring, and loved God.  And now, decades later, she still looks at him with a glimmer in her eye because he is still all of those things to her…and many, many more.  …


[…] talked about her like she was Prom Queen.   After just having had the pleasure of working with Debbie and Dave (who, btw, happen to be both friends of theirs AND the in-laws to one of their daughters), I was […]

Stephanie Miller

I literally have tears in my eyes! This is so sweet, and I cannot wait to be in their shoes. You can see how much they love each other. Great job Julie!

Doris DiPasquale

I know Dave and Debbie and they are incredible! This is truly beautiful! Thank you for portraying in pictures a glimpse of the love they share.

Oh, Julie! This is SO incredibly sweet! I love that they are still laughing together!

Amazing! Love love love.

Jewels Plus Film. A Love Story.

I love film.  I would write sonnets about it if I could.  I feel like a teenager who is falling in love with the hunky captain of the football team, and wants to doodle J+F all over her Trapper Keeper binder.…


Beautiful film work!

love it! it really is amazing what a difference there is in the two mediums. very nice.

I love the side by side comparison with the VSCO presets. I, too, love the colors that film renders. Ahhh, maybe I’ll switch to film someday! Beautiful work as always!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this comparison post! The best one I have seen!! Your film work is creamy, dreamy, and to die for!

This may quite possibly be my favorite blog post I’ve ever read :) Love the comparison and love film!! Thank you for writing!


I agree – great way to educate clients. Film is awesome.


oh wow! Some1 whose as hopelessly/helplessly romantic as I am…luv the film too…its so much kinder to complexions…ur hubby must be really good w/ love notes…let’s fly away on our fairy wings & find the winged unicorns to take us over rainbows

Great post Julie! I heart film too and I’m so glad you took the time to write this love letter.

I love this post!! I totally agree, the film images are just intoxicatingly beautiful.

Beth and Matt’s Turks and Caicos Destination Wedding

“I have some bad news,” she said.  Beth and I had excitedly been talking for a few weeks about me photographing her outdoorsy Leesburg Barn Wedding.  I loved her warmth and sweetness already, and was really looking forward to being a part of her big day.  …



I just absolutely love the picture where the bride and groom are looking out towards the ocean – the sky is several shades of deep pink – and they are leaning on each other. LOVE it – beautiful!

I bout died when I saw the motion shot of the bride and groom’s feet in the water. I mean, I keep scrolling back to it! Like right now….*scrolls back*….there’s just something so beautiful about it! I hope they print it big and frame it, because it definitely needs to grace the walls somewhere! It’s a stunner, Julie :) Fabulous work!


All these images are so gorgeous! What a stunning bride and I love her colors; the gray suits with the coral dresses are so pretty!

These are so beautiful, Julie! What a blessed gal to marry the man of her dreams in such a gorgeous place and have you photograph it!! Also, I’d consider that rain to be extremely good luck considering that it only rains 10 days per year. I bet their marriage will be even more beautiful than their wedding!

This is absolutely gorgeous!!!

So beautiful Julie!!! Now I want to plan a trip there, lol! Gorgeous wedding :)

beautiful and that water – so gorgeous!


Wow, these are all so amazing! Beth, you look so beautiful. So happy for you!

So yeah, you pretty much have the best job ever, right?

Love the “Here comes the bride” boys. So very BOY.