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Jennie Plus Andrew: A Waterford Engagement Session

Their first date lasted hours and hours and hours, because neither one of them wanted to go home.

Jennie and Andrew are a really fun couple.  Jennie is warm, sweet, but smart as a whip.  Her personality could best be described as “sparkly.”  Andrew comes across as a serious, intellectual type, but he’s an absolute sweetheart and so funny.  …


I was invited to share the lovely photos of Jennie and Andrew by Jennie’s aunt, Audrey Swarz. You have done such a lovely job of
representing their love and the love of Jennie’s hometown.

Knowing Jennie’s aunt Audrey has been a pleasure and Audrey has
spoken to me a number of times about Jennie and her love for Jennie. I am absolutely thrilled Jennie has found her “B’Shert” and wish them the utmost of happiness and fulfillment.

Thank you for depicting this happy time in their life. What a joyful career you have chosen for yourself.

Zandria Gwin

Krista Hunter

So beautiful!! Thank you for capturing Jennie and Andrew just perfectly! I am certain Andrew’s Mom is tickled pink to see him with Jennie, his soulmate! Looking forward to the wedding and the ever after too!!

Iris and Rod Kander

Your photographs and writings touched our hearts forever! It was B’shert that Jennie found you. We so look forward to you being part of our special occasion and we welcome you into our family.

Audrey Kander Swarz

Absolutely wonderful photos. Of course Jennie and Andrew are so beautiful inside and out. These photos and your words melts my heart. Thank you

Cammie+Matthew: A Deployment Love Story

They held on to each other like their lives depended on it.

Matthew is the younger brother of one of my very dearest friends, Megan.  He contacted me a few months ago about photographing his wedding in Martha’s Vineyard in 2014, but the urgent matter was getting engagement photos soon.  …


[…] same goes for Cammie, below.  Shooting in full sun, the digital photo on the left struggled with looking […]

This is such a sweet, sweet session! I LOVE that vertical of them hugging beneath the tree.

Beth+Matt: A Mary-Washington Engagement

In 3.5 hours I am hopping on an airplane that is headed for the incredibly gorgeous Turks and Caicos.  I am flying there to photograph the wedding of two very sweet, fun people.  Beth and Matt.  I warned them when we did their engagement session so close to the wedding that it was unlikely that the film would be back from the lab before the wedding, so they would likely receive their Engagement photos shortly after their wedding.  …


[…] Beth and Matt are  incredible people.   Beth loves Matt’s kindness and sense of humor.  When I asked Matt to describe Beth using only one word, he responded with “Bright.”  And I could not imagine a better word for her.  As a Pediatric Nurse, I imagine she brightens a whole lot of children’s lives each day at work.  She is just a sunny person to be around. […]