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Starting Over

Big changes are in store this week.  BIG ones.

CHANGE NUMBER ONE:  The first one is obvious…my brand has received a bit of a face lift.  Do you love it?  It’s clean, it’s organic, it’s simple with a smattering of moxy.…


Stephanie Miller

Congratulations on EVERYTHING! I am so happy for you and Chris. Your new brand is gorgeous and so are you! I love your heart Julie :)

How did I miss this post!!! What amazing and beautiful changes!! So excited for this new season of life and business!!

So happy for you!!!

LOVE this so much!!!!

My dear Julie, my heart is bursting for you! You have such talent and such a giving and full heart…I am so excited for your new journey and am thankful to have met you and to be inspired by you x

awesome julie! looks amazing, can’t wait to see the site! keep on doing big things, girly!

I love the new design! It’s so, so beautiful. And GOOD FOR YOU for realizing where your heart truly lies, and for running after it with abandon.


Julie! This is SO SO SOOOOO gorgeous! I just love it :) I am so excited for you!!

I support you FULLY and I love the new look. It is SO you and I just love it. Your focus, vision, and heart is inspiring and I can’t WAIT to see what is in store for you. And to see more of your beautiful work. Seriously. WWEEEEEEEE! You’re the best. xoxooxxoo

I love your new blog, Julie! “Clean” and “organic” describe it perfectly and your font choices are lovely. Best wishes on all of these new endeavors. Looking forward to following you through them!

Your new branding looks amazing! LOVE it! You rock at Beloved, I think it is great that you are focusing there. And I can’t wait you new addition.